Improving quality of life and preserving fertility in individuals suffering from pelvic pain

Many women, transgender men and non-binary individuals undergo years of diagnostic odyssey trying to find the source of their pelvic and back pain, while suffering every day. Even if the diagnosis is made, they are frequently left with serious disabilities affecting their quality of personal and work life and mental health. They are also given trials of painkillers to manage the pain while the root-cause of the disease is not addressed. Our founder experienced this first-hand, including lack of diagnostics procedures other than surgery and limited treatment options for endometriosis.

We believe that every woman, transgender and non-binary individual should have access to information about their predisposition of developing pain-associated conditions affecting urinary and reproductive tracts including fertility, lower abdomen and skeletal system, as well as to receive personalized clinical care & treatment to manage these conditions.

Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Pain & Fertility Problems 


Pelvic pain affects women, transgender men & non-binary individuals independently of their origin. Every individual has the right to learn about their risk of pain-associated conditions and how best to manage their symptoms.


Clinically actionable data and digital tools are required in order to improve quality and effectiveness of prevention and management of pelvic pain-associated conditions and to preserve fertility.


Pelvic pain negatively impacts all aspects of woman's, transgender and non-binary individual's life including mental health. Support and compassion have to go in-hand with science to help suffering patients.